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Celluma ELITE

Celluma ELITE

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The Celluma ELITE, a professional series device, is mounted on a robust rolling base for mobility and shares identical features and specifications with the Celluma PRO. An articulated and rotating arm provides a wide range of placement options for patients.  Celluma ELITE is used for acne, lesions, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, wound healing, pain management, and various skin conditions. 

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Celluma Elite Precision Refined for Professionals.

Versatile Placement, Unmatched Comfort, Clinically Proven

Discover the Multifaceted Impact on Cellular Wellness

  • Active Fibroblast Cells
  • Energize Keratinocytes Cells
  • Soothe Mast Cells
  • Invigorate Neutrophil Cells
  • Boost Macrophage Cells
  • Combat C. Acnes Bacteria

3 Mode: Acne, Pain, Wrinkles
Size: 24" x 10"
Treatment area: 16" x 8"

Packed with

  • Protective eye googles
  • 110/240V Power supply
  • International adapters

Neuroscience Professor at Stanford

Dr. Andrew Huberman

“Red-light therapy” is becoming more common. It has, indeed, been shown to improve eyesight in individuals older than 40, but it must be done in the early daytime. It can also assist with acne, wound healing and more, but for all those effects one needs a special red light. They are commercially available but carry some cost (hundreds to thousands of dollars)."


What is Celluma RESTORE, and how does it work?

Celluma RESTORE is an FDA-cleared LED light therapy device designed for hair growth, anti-aging, and pain relief. It uses specific wavelengths of light energy to stimulate cellular processes that promote hair regrowth, reduce signs of aging, and alleviate pain. Its patented design allows for customized placement over the head or body, delivering targeted light energy effectively.

Is Celluma RESTORE safe to use, and does it have any side effects?

Yes, Celluma RESTORE is a safe and non-invasive device. It is UV-free and non-toxic, making it suitable for a wide range of users. There are no reported side effects associated with its use.

Can I use Celluma RESTORE on various parts of my body for pain relief?

Absolutely! Celluma RESTORE is versatile and can be contoured and placed anywhere on the body to reduce pain and improve skin health. It's hands-free, lightweight, and portable, making it convenient for targeted pain relief.

How often should I use Celluma RESTORE for the best results?

For maximum benefits, it is recommended to use Celluma RESTORE for 30 minutes per day. The frequency of use may vary depending on the specific treatment area and condition. Refer to the included instructions for mode selection and proper usage.

Why is Celluma RESTORE considered a trusted choice for LED therapy?

Celluma RESTORE stands out because it is a professionally graded, FDA-cleared, and globally patented device. Its design has been rigorously tested to deliver optimal outcomes. Unlike imitators that claim more lights or higher output, Celluma's blend of technical factors has been proven effective and is trusted by thousands of doctors and clinicians worldwide for safe and reliable LED therapy.