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Celluma SKIN

Celluma SKIN

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Celluma SKIN,a bigger variant of the Celluma FACE, is both cleared by the FDA and CE marked as a class II medical device. Its patented, shape-taking design enables hands-free, stand-free treatment. This multi-functional, dual-mode large-panel LED device is not just lightweight and portable but also made with pride in the USA.  Celluma SKIN is used for acne, lesions, psoriasis, eczema, wound healing, wrinkles, and various skin conditions. 

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Do you Know?

Blue light causes bactericide, eliminating acne. Red light reduces inflammation and enhances circulation

Unveil the Glow, Combat Acne, and Defy Aging.
Your All-in-One Solution for Radiant Skin

Dual Mode: Acne, Wrinkles
Size: 24" x 10"
Treatment area: 16" X 8"

Packed with

  • Protective eye googles
  • 1110/240V Power Supply
  • International adapters
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Neuroscience Professor at Stanford

Dr. Andrew Huberman

“Red-light therapy” is becoming more common. It has, indeed, been shown to improve eyesight in individuals older than 40, but it must be done in the early daytime. It can also assist with acne, wound healing and more, but for all those effects one needs a special red light. They are commercially available but carry some cost (hundreds to thousands of dollars)."